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SRS Software Solutions is a well established IT. Company that has developed various commercial software products. We are interested in E-Business, E-marketing, & Software development, provide Hardware Solutions, Supplying Computer consumables. We analyze and personalize critical business value chain. SRS Solutions offerings include a comprehensive family of client server application; web enabled application and a wide range of supporting services. Our approach to the business is based on a firm belief that all dealings with us should be simple and convenient. For instance, we make our software modular, from a technical as well as a pricing standpoint, so that, customers can keep costs to a minimum by ordering only those modules their target application needs. We concentrate on Microsoft .NET based solutions. Beside our own software products we also provide professional custom solutions using our enormous experience in software development. Among our products are both standalone desktop applications and Web based Solutions for integration into larger business solutions. All our software targets th e new technology concepts.

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